Bringing Clinical Research to family medicne

innovative approach

MedSource Poland was incorporated in 2000 as a Site Management Organization dedicated to supporting primary care professionals in conducting clinical trials based on the model developed by the founders of MedSource Inc. in the United States.

Since 2009 MedSource has been developing the network of GCP trained nurses conducting in-home clinical trials. By providing study subjects the option to complete selected study visits at their homes, work place or any location convenient to them, we assist sponsors with patient recruitment, compliance and retention.

We developed a training program directed at community nurses – nurse4research that allows us to recruit the service provider from the study subject’s neighbourhood, who is ready to comply with study specific requirements to conduct protocol-specified activities such as blood draws, study drug administration, clinical assessments, questionnaires, trainings etc.

Our centrally managed network of professional healthcare service providers supports all phases of clinical studies, patient demographics and therapeutic areas. Our services include study specific trainings, quality assurance and management and adherence to local and international regulations.

Our model strongly supports patient-centred approach and is highly appreciated by patients, investigators and sponsors.

Recognizing the need to develop patient-centred approach, we have recently launched gp4reasearch which is an Investigative Site Network focused on conducting clinical studies in primary care setting across Europe.



Improve patient comfort


Increased patient enrolment, retention, compilance


Deceased administrative and logistics burden by providing significant support for site personel


Flexibility concerning time and place for completing study activity


short response time for support in emergency situation


overall study costs reduction due to improved recruitment and decreased participant dropout