Bringing Clinical Research to family medicne

bringing nurses to clinical trials

We developed a training program directed at community nurses – nurse4research that allows us to recruit the service provider from the study subjects neighbourhood, who is ready to comply with study specific requirements to conduct protocol-specified activities such as blood draws, study drug administration, clinical assessments, questionnaires, trainings etc.Europe.

bringing nurses to clinical trials

As a research nurse you will be involved in the process of creating new or improving existing medications and treatments. By your work you will contribute to the improvement of patients’ quality of life or help test new treatments and medications that could change the way a disease or disorder is perceived.

discover the benefits of home care services

The clinical research industry promotes patient-centricity. The patient-centred approach can be facilitated by conducting study visits at patients’ homes or workplace. Many patients prefer home care to any other option, as for some people leaving home can be disruptive and depressing, and in certain medical conditions, even impossible.