How we work

Our model

case 1
Four years of neurological study, visits – blood sampling every 4 weeks.

The patient from southern Poland left for a six-week vacation at the Polish seaside.

Thanks to ambulant care services the patient didn’t have to interrupt vacation while remaining in the study. The site didn’t have to organize visits out of the protocol schedule.

case 2
On the day of study initiation, the patient informed the investigators of a sudden, temporary change of residence for family reasons which threatened his further participation in the study.

Owing to the MedSource network of homecare nurses the patient was able to continue study participation according to the schedule. The patient completed the study without any delays and protocol deviations.

case 3
A pharmacokinetic study for patients with multiple sclerosis, 2 cycles, 8 visits in each cycle within 21 days, time window for blood draw ± 15 minutes.

The homecare nurses were responsible for PK blood draw and evaluation of the injection site.

The MedSource homecare nurses have conducted 112 visits without time deviations.

The collected material was of required quality.