Becoming a Research Nurse

who is a research nurse

Spectacular advances in the field of medicine in the last century would not have been possible without pharmaceutical and medical research. This type of research has helped to produce a great number of major drugs and medical procedures we have nowadays. The driving force behind medical research today are scientists, physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals.

As a research nurse you will be involved in the process of creating new or improving existing medications and treatments. By your work you will contribute to the improvement of patients’ quality of life or help test new treatments and medications that could change the way a disease or disorder is perceived

what are the benefits of becoming a research nurse

As a research nurse you will:

  • contribute to the evolution of medicine
  • improve your patients’ care
  • develop your professional skills
  • earn an additional income

what will your core duties with medsource be

To become a research nurse, you will go through a professional training programme nurse4research. The duties will depend on the project you will participate in.

Common duties of our nurses will include:

  • medication administration or assistance
  • blood draws and collecting other biological samples
  • clinical assessments (e.g. vital signs, concomitant medications, adverse events)
  • patient training for medication self-administration
  • on-call patient support
  • onsite staff training
  • logistics planning and coordinating
  • completion and delivery of visit documentation

who are we looking for 

Wondering if you are suitable to join the network?

To join the network you need to be a licensed nurse who meets the criteria:

  • excellent communication skills
  • readiness to participate in clinical research
  • awareness of study duties and willingness to fulfil them
  • communicative English skills
  • experience in team work
  • open-mindedness, reliability, conscientiousness