We are bringing clinical trials

We are bringing
clinical trials
directly to
patiens home

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Medsource is a leading service provider for decentralized clinical trials in Europe since 2010. We conduct research in patients’ homes for their comfort.


We operate in 16 European countries and collaborate with leading pharmaceutical companies and CROs as an integral part of the innovative and evolving clinical research industry.


Our team of research nurses provides study-related services to patients in their homes while adhering to study protocols.


With our vast experience and up-to-date knowledge in clinical research, we guarantee top-notch services across all study phases, patient locations, and age groups.


We offer nursing teams for even the most demanding projects, providing comprehensive support that contributes to increased efficiency and effectiveness throughout the study.

Innovative clinical
research support
for home-based care

Global network
of qualified
research nurses

Over 15 years
of experience

Over 10,000
home visits

Our Clinical

Medsource is a leading provider of clinical research nursing services throughout Europe. We have a vast network of highly skilled and experienced nurses who provide study related  services in the comfort of patients’ homes, delivering the same quality of service as research centers.

We manage logistics efficiently, allowing patients to determine the time and location of their study visits.

Our   approach results in several benefits such as:

  • reduced travel costs,
  • better time management,
  • an individualized approach for each patient,
  • a comfortable study environment,
  • reduced stress associated with the study,
  • trust and collaboration with research nurses,
  • improvement of patient retention.
About Us


Our focus is on providing flexibility and diversity in our offer  we address to various patient needs. We aim to deliver comprehensive services directly to patients’ homes or preferred environments, thereby removing any inconvenience associated with traveling to a research center.

Our qualified team is prepared to undertake all necessary tasks during the research process, including:

  • blood and biological sample collection,
  • administration of the investigational Prodact according to the protocol,
  • monitoring the health status of patients,
  • accurate documentation of the study,
  • and collaboration with study coordinators, sponsors, and CROs.

How do we work


We strongly believe in the potential of decentralized clinical trials to increase the overall number of studies. Our mission is to promote greater patient engagement in clinical research, drive advancements in medicine, and enhance global health and quality of life.

Why Choose

  • High-Quality Services
  • Expertise and Qualifications
  • Customized Patient Care
  • Patient Convenience and Comfort
  • Safety and Compliance

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